6700 Settlers Village Drive

Founded 1977 

Settlers Village Family Park

These rules and regulations were adopted by the Settlers Village Improvement Association (SVIA) acting in its capacity as the governing body of Settlers Village.  Settlers Village Family Park is a privately owned park maintained by the SVIA for the exclusive use of the residents of Settlers Village and their guests.  Guests must be accompanied by residents. 

  • The Park operating hours shall be from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  No person shall enter into or remain in the park at any time other than during such time as the park is open.  
  • No person shall operate a vehicle within the park except on the designated parking lot.  Vehicles involved in authorized property maintenance are excluded from this rule. 
  • No vehicle shall be left in the park after hours without the written approval of the SVIA.  Vehicles remaining in the park for which approval has not been granted will be towed and placed in storage at the owner’s expense. 
  • No person, other than a peace officer, may carry or possess a weapon within the park. Any person bringing a dog or domestic cat into the park shall keep the animal confined by a vehicle or secured by a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length.  Owners are required to clean up after their pets. 
  • No person shall use or possess any glass beverage containers in the park.
  • No person shall use any loudspeaker, amplifier, or public address system within the park without express written approval from the SVIA. 
  • The disposal of rubbish in any manner other than by depositing it in trash cans provided for that purpose is expressly prohibited.  The willful destruction of or damage to or theft of SVIA property, the climbing upon plant bedding or any part of the pool building, including the fence, is expressly prohibited. 
  • Settlers Village Family Park is a designated drug-free zone.  Use of illegal drugs is expressly prohibited.
  • This is a family use park.  Fighting and profanity are expressly prohibited. 

SVIA shall be authorized to remove any person from the park who violates any of these rules and regulations.  Violation of the rules can result in a suspension of park privileges.  A hearing before a panel designated by the SVIA will be required for restoration of these privileges.  These rules and regulations are in addition to, and not in lieu of, all federal, state, and county laws, rules and regulations applicable within this park