• Please remember that property owners are contractually obligated for both maintenance fees and for the maintenance of the property regardless if you choose to rent the property out.  Please take the time to mow and edge your yard. Trim back the trees and bushes (which can also hide would-be burglars).  Keep your fence in repair and the house painted as needed.  If your sidewalk or drive-way needs repair, get it done before someone gets hurt and sends you a lawsuit for your inattention.  Residents should be aware that the HOA fronts the legal expenses for deed restriction enforcement.  But the Board will come back to the property owner for reimbursement of those costs which will include an assortment of expensive administrative fees.  
  • Please also be aware that trailers, boats, RVs must be stored out of sight on your property.  The actual by-laws require them to be stored outside of Settlers Village but inside a closed garage or in the backyard as long as they are below the fence line and out of sight is also acceptable.  Covering an item with a tarp is not acceptable. Nor are they allowed to be parked in the street in front of your home. Derelict and wrecked vehicles are expressly prohibited.
  • Please remember the rules regarding personal sign postings.  Because your HOA is responsible for the upkeep of street light poles, placing of private signs of any type onto county-owned sign poles or Centerpoint owned light poles is expressly prohibited.  Please do not subject yourself to the embarrassment of having your signs removed by the HOA or receiving a ticket from the sheriff who patrols the district.  The HOA can now levy civil fines related to the costs of clean-up but the MUD has already authorized the issuance of citations as needed. DO NOT GLUE OR TAPE SIGNS TO ANY OF THE SIGN OR LIGHT POLES!!!
  • Please clean up after your pets.  Enough said?
  • Please do not block sidewalks - particularly when parking in your driveway. While the sidewalks are indeed the responsibility of each homeowner, state law requires that the walkway remain clear.  Believe it or not, you can be cited for blocking the sidewalk thru-way (I just found this out).
  • Lastly, a quick reminder that Steve Breard has volunteered to continue collecting aluminum cans for the neighborhood with all proceeds going to the capital improvement fund for our pool.  So far for 2018, we have collected $46.00. Remember each dollar made by the HOA through recycling is a dollar that does not have to be covered by our maintenance fees.  Please rinse and bag the cans to minimize the attraction to bugs.  They can be dropped at 6642 Cove Lake Drive.