Q:  How can I volunteer for one of the committees for the community or start one of my own.
Please contact one of the members of you board.

Q:  Who Do I Contact To Get My Sidewalk Repaired?
Who repairs a sidewalk in Settlers Village depends on what caused the damage.  If the county needs to access storm sewers or a storm sewer issue is the confirmed cause of damage, Harris County would handle the repair. If the issue is related to sanitary sewer or water supply lines, Harris County MUD #105 would handle the repairs. Maintenance issues such as tree roots or settlement are the responsibility of the homeowner. Repairs have to be approved by the ARC and will need to fall in line with neighborhood aesthetics. Simply filling a spot with asphalt will not suffice.  Generally, repairs will call for replacement of the sidewalk or having soil "pumped" under the concrete to bring it back into line.  Tree roots will have to be removed.
Q:  My neighbor has a dog that is a real nuisance.  Where do I start to get this problem looked at?
Your HOA can send a deed restriction violation letter if the problem is severe enough that there are multiple complaints from multiple individuals.  The Sheriff can also be called if needed.  Deed restrictions to limit the number of adult animals per address at 3.
Q:  I was told that we cannot have garage sales in our community.  How can I sell some of the slightly used stuff that I would like to get rid of?
Settlers Village does allow garage sales as long as you are not making such sales a regular business practice.  Running a business out of your home is not allowed by your deed restrictions.  You may also want to try our Classified system.  It is a great way to advertise without the hassle!

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