Currently trash & recycle services will continue as normal. Please refrain from generating additional heavy trash, such as cleaning garages, closets, extra yard work, etc.  Due to extra volumes, trash is extremely heavy and routes are running later than normal.  In response to the continuing effects of the Coronavirus and in observance of Best Trash employee's safety, they are asking that all waste be placed in plastic bags and tied off to avoid any need for direct contact with the garbage. Please click here for more details about trash pickup.  

Settlers Village has a meeting hall in the clubhouse available to residents for rental. 

Contact: Sandy Skarritt -

#10: It's good for you.

Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards. It: Reduces stress: Experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns. Makes you healthier: Moods and emotions, like optimism, joy, and control over one's fate, strengthen the immune system.

#9: It saves resources.

Volunteering provides valuable community services so more money can be spent on local improvements. The estimated value of a volunteer's time in California is $26.87 per hour based on the Corporation for National & Community Service.

#8: Volunteers gain professional experience.

You can test out a career. 

#7: It brings people together. 

As a volunteer you assist in: Uniting people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal Building camaraderie and teamwork

#6: It promotes personal growth and self esteem.

Understanding community needs helps foster empathy and self-efficacy.

#5: Volunteering strengthens your community.

As a volunteer you help:

Support families (daycare and eldercare)
Improve schools (tutoring, literacy)
Support youth (mentoring and after-school programs)
Beautify the community (beach and park cleanups)

#4: You learn a lot.

Volunteers learn things like these:

Self: Volunteers discover hidden talents that may change your view on your self worth.
Government: Through working with local non-profit agencies, volunteers learn about the functions and operation of our government.
Community: Volunteers gain knowledge of local resources available to solve community needs.

#3: You get a chance to give back.

People like to support community resources that they use themselves or that benefit people they care about.

#2: Volunteering encourages civic responsibility.

Community service and volunteerism are an investment in our community and the people who live in it.

#1: You make a difference.

Every person counts!


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...that on October 23, 1986, a student demonstration escalated into a nationwide revolt against the Stalanist government of Hungary. The revolt was crushed by Soviet troops, but in modern day Hungary, October 23rd is a national holiday

..that in October, 1869, John Heisman was born. He was a prominent football palyer and college coach in the early era of the sport. He is the namesake of the Heisman Trophy, awarded annually to the season's best football player. He invented the "hike" shouted by the quarterback to start each play. He was the first to have his center toss the ball back instead of rolling or kicking it. He was aso a proponent of the forward pass and suggested dividing the game into quarters instead of halves. Heisman also coached basketball, baseball and track. In the off-season, Heisman performed as a Shakespearean actor.