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Meeting Minutes 01.06.2016



A Board of Directors meeting was held at the community clubhouse, 6700 Settlers Village Drive, Katy, Tx. 77449 on 27 April 2016. 

Board Members in attendance were Kim Rogers, Rick Davenport and Tulibelle Igartua-Martinez.  Dolores Sue was in attendance, representing Planned Community Management (PCMI). 

With a quorum present, President Rogers called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

One (1) homeowner attended the meeting. 

Review Play Equipment Needed 

The Board approved a new play structure to replace the smaller of the play equipment at the playground for a $16,100.00 plus tax. This does not include the fall surface which Kim Rogers is going to have another contractor installed. 

Rick Davenport asked for a photo of the new equipment. PCMI will make sure he received a photo. 


The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the Board Meeting held January 6, 2016. 


The Board reviewed the financials statement as of March 31, 2016.  As of March 31, 2016 the money in the bank totaled $710,345.07. This figure includes checking, savings accounts and CD’s and is the money to cover both operating expenses and the necessary reserve to fund maintenance and replacement of the Association’s capital assets. Total delinquencies through March were $189,491.46.  That includes maintenance fees, interest, demand letters, attorney fees and NSf Charges.  The Board will be discussing each delinquent account during executive session. 


Movie Night Update 

The Board discussed and unanimously agreed Kim Rogers will purchase the projector and screen for Movie Night. 


Splash Day 

May 28, 2016 will be the splash day for the community.  It was unanimously agreed the association will provide water, juice and chips.  The resident at the meeting explained he will be happy to arrange for the coolers to be filled with the ice for the occasion.  This year all refreshments will be outside and no one will be in the clubhouse. 

It was noticed that someone has been tampering with mail in mailboxes.  The sheriff’s department has been made aware of the situation and ask to keep an eye on mailboxes when driving through the community. 

Board Member Resigned 

Kathy Cones has resigned from the Board of Directors.  The Board appreciates all of her hard work and dedication to the serving the community.  There have been several residents who have shown an interest, if a position became available theyw would like to serve on the Board.  The Board will contact each of them and if they are interested the Board will meet and vote on the replacement.

At 7:00 pm. the Board adjourned to Executive Session. 

Made During Executive Session

At this time the meeting was interrupted by a large noise from the pool area.  When investigated it was found that younger people were climbing on the trees and jumping over the fence.  PCMI was instructed to have the trees near the fence removed as soon as possible.

 The Board reopened the open session of the meeting. 

Holiday Judging Contest 

The Board unanimously agreed that the Holiday Judging Contest would be held on December 10, 2016. PCMI was instructed to advise the web master and newsletter so that residents will know in advance.  The prizes will be $100.00 for first place, $50, for second place and $25.00 for third place.  

Yard of the Month 

The Board unanimously agreed to be Yard of the Month.  There will be a $100.00 gift cards to all winners.  The contact will be held May through October.  The Board will be discussing and making a decision on the winner each month. PCMI was instructed to order one Yard of the Month sign. 

All business being concluded, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m