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MUD  News


The Board of Directors (“Board”) of Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 105 at 1825 North Mason Rd., Katy, Texas 77449 on June 18, 2018 with a quorum of Directors present, as follows:

Pamela Brandenburg, President, Charles LaConti, Vice President, Barbara Lynch, Director, Ginger Furlong, Director and Kathy Cones, Secretary.  Also present were  Kristen Scott, Lonnie Wright, Jeff Vogler, Ryan Vogler, Perry Miller, Adam Kupstas,  Lynnette Tujague and G. Taylor Goodall, Jr      


The meeting was called to order and declared open for such business as might regularly come before it. 


The Board considered the Consent Agenda. The operator’s report was removed from the Consent Agenda and, after authorizing Perry Miller to proceed with over ceding of Settler’s Village pond, the Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda as presented. At 7:05 p.m., the Board entered executive session to consult with the District’s attorney pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.074.  At 7:22 p.m.  the Board exited executive session.


The Board considered the ethics letter and update by the District’s investment   

officer.  Mr. Goodall reported that the District’s investment officer is required, on an annual basis, by the Public Funds Investment Act to file an ethics letter and disclosure update.    It was noted that the District’s bookkeeper/investment officer filed the necessary document noting that there were no ethical conflicts to disclose and that Mr.  Goodall’s office would file the letter as required by law.    The directors also completed disclosure questionnaires indicating that they had no conflicts of interest to disclose.            


Jeff Vogler and Ryan Vogler presented an engineer’s report and are awaiting final elevated storage tank waiver approval as well as the final TPDES approval.  The Board approved execution of the contracts for the Lantana Tract clearing.  Pay Application No.  4 in the amount of $140,643.75 was approved for payment but the engineer was instructed to hold the check until he is satisfied that any Monarch Construction subcontractors have been paid in full. Pay Application No. 1 in the amount of $1,223,004.31 for Jasmine Heights, Section No. 10 to Luschka Utilities, LP was recommended for approval as well as Pay Application No. 3 in the amount of $75,600.00 and Change Order No.  2 in the amount of $2,350.00 for the Jasmine Heights, Sections no.  11-14 Double Oak Construction contract.  Pay Application No. 3 in the of $192,240.00 was also recommended for approval and the Board unanimously awarded the Cypress Oaks storm water quality feature modification contract to Reddico.  The Board also authorized a Buffer Zone easement for the WWTP.  The Board was presented with a CenterPoint street light installation agreement for West Little York which was also approved.  Lynnette Tujague then presented a request for a payment plan and, after deliberation, the Board declined to act.


The Board considered the operator’s report.  The Board voiced concerns over late invoicing and communication issues and noted that the District will no longer honor excessively old invoices. In addition, the Board is concerned about the charges for meter box lid replacement and Lonnie Wright agreed to investigate the matter. Lonnie Wright will forward new contact information to the District’s attorneys for the preparation of new cards. The answering service process of the operator as well as WWTF invoices were then discussed. Mr. Wright assured the Board that he will continue to work on the insurance claim for the destruction of a District fence and monitor the drought contingency plan. 

The Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) Board #105 is an independent governmental agency that is separate from the Settlers Village Homeowners Association (SVHOA).