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A January, 2017 Snapshot 







Account Balance





Outstanding Assessments





Delinquent Residents






The account balance for January, 2017 is down 2.1% from last year.  The number of delinquent properties also declined from last year with the dollar delinquency dropping 16.9% from last year.  The dollar amount of delinquency translates to the equivalent of 770 delinquent properties even though there are actually 442 properties (as opposed to 532 in 2016) in delinquency.  This latter figure is based on the current Maintenance Fee cost per property of $318.00.  The delinquency rate generally climbs in January every year as prople put off paying their property fees until the last moment.

Settlers is continuing its policy to push for property upkeep as required by their deed restrictions.  Property owners should, by now, understand that keeping your yard mowed and trimmed (and this includes trees and bushes) is one of the least expensive methods to maintaining your property value.  As with maintenance fees, timely action and response to violations are your obligations as a resident and/or a property owner.   Ignoring a problem will not make it go away but it will make it more expensive as the lawyers become involved to enforce property upkeep.    And if you know a house is abandoned and the yard in need of upkeep, please notify the HOA and we will handle the issue.

PLEASE REMEMEBER:  Commercial vehicles and trailers of any type are expressly forbidden to be stored on properties anywhere inside of Settlers Village.  This includes fronting streets.    PCMI has noted a number of fences, sidewalks and driveways that are in need of repair.  This will also need to be addressed in the near term. 

Ratio of Residents to Renters/ Settlers Village has 1050 properties. 

 Resident/ Owners are currently at 87.49% of the total with Rental properties numbering the remaining 12.51%.